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Nothing predestined André Sauvé to go on stage.

The vagaries of life nevertheless led him on the path of writing and performing, from shadow to light. Between the two, multiple transformations: small things become big questions and vice versa, since writing is anything but a linear process. By revisiting some of his monologues, the comedian recalls the initial spark, evokes the work of erasures and retouching that followed, reveals the themes that obsess him and describes the astonishing paths that the human brain sometimes takes when he is let loose, paths which become unpredictable detours under his skillful pen. But in truth, this book is for the author only a new way of bringing to life the theater which is constantly playing out within him so that it resonates with the reader and leads him to pronounce these two little words: “ Me too. »


André Sauvé is on his third show, he stands out with a more philosophical tone. Nothing predestined André Sauvé to pursue a career as a comedian. Originally a teacher and therapist, he also studied and taught Bharata Natyam, classical Indian dance, for many years. It was at the age of 37 that André Sauvé took the daring gamble of launching a career as a comedian. The recipe for his success lies in a universe as rich as it is crazy, in which he manages with absurd ease to highlight all the little neurotic details of everyday life, often going from rooster to donkey in a flash.