Les Agents Doubles Productions

Agents Doubles is a production company and artist agency founded in 2018 by Luce and Lucie Rozon.
The combination of their experience and their expertise in creation and development makes Les Agents Doubles a first-class production company.
The company already has renowned shows to its credit, such as Les Chœurs de l’Armée Rouge, the unmissable Slava’s Snowshow and the very first edition of La Nuit de la Déprime.
We also have a burgeoning movie and television division. Creativity, audaciousness, efficiency, originality, openness, these are the values that define us.


Luce Rozon


Lucie Rozon

Executive Director

Eric Naveteur

Marketing and communications director

Romane Naveteur

Production Coordinator

Antoine Menon

Production Coordinator