Agents Doubles Productions


Director: Michel-Maxime Legault
Artistic direction: Pierre Bernard
Adaptation: Yves Thériault

Contact diffusers:

Eric Naveteur - 514 312 0287 ext. 203

Whether we think of assisted dying, abortion, the fight against racism or the recognition of gay rights, our society was built when these debates were brought to justice. Verdict is the portrait of Quebec over the past 50 years that invites us to hear the words that have evolved and reshaped our society.

This show is also a theatrical experience where the public is called upon to take a stand by voting as a jury does.

Offered for fall 2022 and for the 2023 season, Verdict features a comedian and an actress. They take turns resuming a plea drawn from a famous legal case in Quebec.

The five cases selected take place at different times and paint a portrait of several important social issues for Quebec society.

The final stage of a trial, oral argument, whether delivered by the Crown attorney or defense lawyer in a criminal trial, or by lawyers for parties involved in a civil case, is often colorful, powerful. and touching.

These pleadings are made for the theater since they appeal to the full range of emotions, allowing for spectacular oratorical flights and the use of larger-than-life gestures.

Each plea is preceded by a contextualization presented either by a video, a voice-over or with the help of a text on a screen then leaving all the space to the actors.

Marie-Therese Fortin We are pleased to accept one of the two roles and our creative team includes Michel-Maxime Legault for the direction, Pierre Bernard for the artistic direction and Yves Thériault for the adaptation. Offered in fall 2022 and for the 2023 season.