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Rémi Villemure is a young writer who has graduated from the Institut National de l’Image et du Son (2019) and holds a certificate in Screenwriting from the UQAM (2018). Creator of ”Contes d’Hochelag”, available on all streaming platforms.

As well as working on a novel and several television series, Rémi Villemure is a regular contributor to “L’Action Nationale” magazine..
He is a 2019 recipient of the Louise-Spickler Excellence Scholarship awarded by the INIS and has just been shortlisted for the Prix du jeune écrivain 2020 (Young Writer’s Prize) for his story “La cassette pis la débarbouillette”.


'' The Tales of Hochelag ''

Born of a difficult writing challenge, les Contes d’Hochelag consists of 17 fairly short stories that were written, recorded and put together over a 25-week period. First distributed through Facebook, it has been played over 130,000 times and is now available on all streaming platforms.

Download or listen to "les Contes d’Hochelag":

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  • Louise-Spickler Excellence Scholarship, Fondation de l’INIS (September 2019):
    The excellence scholarships are awarded to students who have shown themselves to be outstanding throughout their studies.
  • Shortlist for the Prix Jeune Écrivain 2020:
    The story submitted, “Le château de canettes” is one of the 30 stories shortlisted for the prize out of the 539 stories initially submitted.

Contact : Lucie Rozon