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The third Monday of January is (according to a mathematical formula that is worth what it is worth) the hardest day of the year.
This day would therefore be the point of convergence of several negative factors. Let’s start with the fact that it’s a Monday. On top of that, we are a little over-stretched, we gained 5 kilos during the pandemic, that we are lacking in vitamin D, and once again the fret is coming.

It didn't take much longer for us to decree that the third Monday in January would henceforth be consecrated as the national day of the depression.
To mark this dark day, we are offering those with low spirits and anyone showing symptoms of melancholy the opportunity to put things into perspective on the most depressing evening of the year.

LA NUIT DE LA DEPRIME an offbeat, elegant and nonetheless very funny show, as a snub to the ambient gloom.
And even to those who swear to be happy, we promise a great moment of dejection.

To get into the depths of depression, who better to animate than Christian Bégin… and Antoine Gratton as musical director… This year, let's all get depressed together.

Double agents are proud to donate all proceeds from this special night to the Ronald Denis Foundation.


The profits raised during the second edition ofThe night of depressionwill again be paid to theRonald-Denis Public Charitable Foundation.

Eminent surgeon, theDr. Denisis deeply involved in his community and is concerned with improving the health and well-being of the patient and his family. Having noticed that obesity was in the throes of becoming a scourge, the foundation's primary mission was to support people suffering from massive (morbid) and severe obesity by making bariatric surgery accessible to a greater number of people. patients. The vision of the foundation is to ensure that patients are taken care of as quickly as possible by providing additional operating time for surgeons in this area.