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The third Monday of January would be (according to a mathematical formula for what it is worth!), the most painful day of the year.

This day would therefore be the point of convergence of several negative factors, starting first with the fact that it is a Monday. To this is added that we are a little « on end » from the rigors of winter, lack of vitamin D, that we gained 3 kilos during the holiday season and that once again, we were unable to keep our New Year's resolutions!

It was enough for us to decree that the third Monday of January would henceforth be named: national depression day.

In order to underline this dark day, we offer to all those whose morale is flat, as well as to those who show symptoms of melancholy, the possibility of putting into perspective during the most depressing evening of the year. : The Night of Depression.

Programming of the third edition below in video!